Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What credit cards do you accept?
  2.   A: We accept Master Charge, Visa and American Express.

  3. Is there a minimum charge for using credit card?
  4.   A: Yes, there is a minimum order of $10.00 for paying by credit cards.

  5. Do you accept personal checks?
  6.   A: Sorry, we do not accept personal check.

  7. What is your delivery charge?
  8.   A: It is free delivery and minimum $15.00.
  9.     Your tip for our driver is appreciated.

  10. Do you use MSG or trans fats?
  11.   A: We do not use MSG and we only use 100% vegetable oil.

  12. Can you alter the spiciness to my taste?
  13. Can I change the ingredients of my order?
  14.   A: Yes, we can. Specify your preference when order and we will do our best to accommodate
  15.     your special needs.

  16. Do you have catering service?
  17.   A: Yes we also do catering. Please call us for details.

  18. How long does it take for delivery?
  19.   A: About or approximately 30 minutes on weekdays or 45 minutes on weekends.